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Couchsurfing: the Musical charts both a physical and psychological journey as I explore the fast-growing travel phenomenon of Couchsurfing. Middle-aged and set in my ways, I start as a skeptic – who would want to spend the night in the home of a complete stranger? While knocking on the doors of thirty-five of these strangers across nine countries, starting in Tel Aviv and ending in Montreal, I realize: I would, and maybe I’ll not only save money, but find myself changed for the better by the experience.

Balancing the forward motion of my Couchsurfing adventures are glimpses back into the past, seen through the quirky lens of musicals that have played a part in my life. Couchsurfing: the Musical claims Couchsurfing as the domain of not just the very young, but travelers of any age, with lessons to teach us all.

Review of Couchsurfing: the Musical in English. Click here to read

Critique de Couchsurfing: the Musical en français. Cliquez ici pour la lire.