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Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker

Amy decides that Travis, the single gay guy who adopted her as a kid, isn’t doing enough to find a mate. Taking matters into her thirteen-year-old hands, she secretly appoints herself as his matchmaker. After several failed attempts, Amy hits the jackpot by bringing Travis together with Enrique Diaz, her Spanish teacher. However, Amy’s best friend Grace still isn’t convinced she’s a master matchmaker. To prove she has a right to the title, Amy next plays Cupid with Grace’s mom, then with Grace herself. While Amy may be a master matchmaker, each of her matches soon leads to a messy situation that she has to untangle. 

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About the Author

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Gary Pedler was raised in the Napa Valley when it produced as many plums as grapes; studied at UC Santa Cruz when it was still small and kooky; and made his home in San Francisco before it was annexed by Silicon Valley.

Gary’s publishing credits include the Middle Grade novel Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker (Fitzroy Books 2021, praised by Seattle Book Review as “a fun page-turner”); the comic novella Gaydonia (Adelaide Books 2020, an Indie Book Awards finalist); and the travel memoir Couchsurfing: the Musical (Adelaide Books 2019, “a highly enjoyable voyage” according to Rainbow Reviews).

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