Gary Pedler

Adult & Teen Author


Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker

Amy decides that Travis, the single gay guy who adopted her as a kid, isn’t doing enough to find a mate. Taking matters into her thirteen-year-old hands, she secretly appoints herself as his matchmaker. After several failed attempts, Amy hits the jackpot by bringing Travis together with Enrique Diaz, her Spanish teacher. However, Amy’s best friend Grace still isn’t convinced she’s a master matchmaker. To prove she has a right to the title, Amy next plays Cupid with Grace’s mom, then with Grace herself. While Amy may be a master matchmaker, each of her matches soon leads to a messy situation that she has to untangle. 

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Praise for Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker:

"Amy creates trouble at every turn, making for a fun page-turner."
— Seattle Book Review

"Anyone who has ever wished they could set their friends and family up with perfect love interests will enjoy this novel."
— Long and Short Reviews

"Perfectly paced and expertly written, this story swept me along with its unexpected twists and turns."
— Rainbow Book Reviews

“Spunky Amy McDougall will have you chuckling from page to page.”
— Margo Kelly, author of WHO R U REALLY?

“Gary Pedler has created a stand-up-and-cheer testament to the resilience and imagination of teenagers.”
— J.R. Potter, author of Thomas Creeper and The Gloomsbury Secret

“This is a story of friendship, love, and acceptance, a must read for all those who embrace diversity in our society.”
— Janet Graber, author of Malcolm Mouse, Explorer and The Secret Chamber of Gwendoline Riston

Gaydonia book cover


Government apparatchik Davor Matosic launches a daring plan to raise revenue in the cash-strapped country of Zablvacia – he’ll transform it into a gay tourist mecca named Gaydonia. His opponent, a former fiancee, pushes a rival plan to make money from a line of deliberately mediocre, weight loss inducing foods. The two factions fight it out, with the help and interference of Davor’s gay son, his mother, wife, and daughter, and the entire population of Zablvacia.

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Praise for Gaydonia:

“A witty, rainbow-hued, twenty-first century The Mouse that Roared.”
— Jim Provenzano, Lammy-award winning author

“Gaydonia is a wicked farce criticizing the excesses of mass tourism.”
— Rainbow Book Reviews

Couchsurfing: The Musical

Couchsurfing: The Musical charts both a physical and psychological journey as I explore the travel phenomenon of Couchsurfing while journeying from Tel Aviv to Montreal. Middle-aged and set in my ways, I start as a skeptic – who would want to spend the night in the home of a complete stranger? While knocking on the doors of thirty-five of these strangers across nine countries, I realize: I would, and maybe I’ll not only save money, but find myself changed for the better by the experience.

Balancing the forward motion of my Couchsurfing adventures are glimpses back into the past, seen through the quirky lens of musicals that have played a part in my life.

Couchsurfing: the Musical claims Couchsurfing as the domain of not just the very young, but travelers of any age, with lessons to teach us all.

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Praise for Couchsurfing: The Musical 

“Pedler’s writing is highly enjoyable and giggle-inducing.”
— Rainbow Book Reviews